The Mobile crisis “RX NOWoffers individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis an opportunity for immediate face-to-face support and assistance (by phone, in-person, and/or telehealth) with a group of certified health professionals, in the least restrictive environment, to evaluate, prevent, and/or resolve a crisis. Health professionals include, but not limited to a team: Medical, Psychiatric, Behavioral Health Therapist, Registered Nurse, Care Coordinator, Peer Support, Nurse Practitioner, Counselors and many more. Crisis support staff will determine the caller needs, escalate, or de-escalate crisis, creating an immediate intervention to be seen onsite or face to face. Currently Expanding “Crisis Mobileto help decrease the need for hospitalization/hospital emergency department visits and reduce the necessity for jails to stabilize those in crisis, resulting in more cost-effective care and more suitable care for the community.

TheCrisis Nowoffers emergency behavioral health evaluations/assessments by licensed family medical or behavioral health professionals. Interventions may include in the de-escalation, intervention, follow-up support, education, referrals, and linkage to inpatient medical or mental health services.

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