At NM Family Services, we have qualified and licensed health professionals who typically assess and examine the individual patient's current conditions and his/her prevailing symptoms, medical status, medication needs and substance abuse status. They have a clear focus on educating and teaching individuals about their support system, medication effects, and its impact on alcohol and drug abuse.

Here we target individuals diagnosed with a mental health or substance abuse disorder. As a facilitator, you have to be actively involved in outpatient therapy if you like to participate in Comprehensive Medication Management services. Individuals visiting the clinic with the following symptoms are the fit cases for the Medication Management program.

  • Problems in  adjusting after significant life changes or stress
  • Anxiety, worry or fear
  • Depressed and having low spirits that don't go away
  • Suicidal Tendency
  • Thoughts of hurting other people
  • Hurting self attitude
  • Excess of energy, and being feeling restless
  • Negative thoughts and attitudes
  • Suffering from Obsession
  • Feeling  jumpy throughout
  • Always having a  negative feeling like people are after you.
  • Hallucinations 
  • Delusions (fixed mindset with no basis in reality)
  • Rushing, disjointed thoughts
  • Alcoholic or  too much drug use synod rum
  • Gambling, gaming or other addictive behaviours
  • Problems around body image, eating or dieting
  • Memory problems
  • Poor concentration and attention
  • Violence, agitation or emotional outbursts
  • Insomnia and other sleep problems
  • Conditions that start in childhood like autism,
  • Intellectual disability and childhood anxiety.

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