Behavioural health often describes the connection between behaviours of an individual and the well-being of his/her body, mind and spirit. Routine behaviours like eating habits, drinking, and exercise impact our physical or mental health. Positive behavioural practices have a positive impact on your life and vice versa.

As a discipline, behavioural health refers to our mental health typically, psychiatric, marriage and family counselling and addictions treatment, and these specialized services are provided by trained social workers, counsellors, psychiatrists, neurologists, and physicians.

The domain also covers mental health and substance use, encompassing a continuum of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support services.

At NM family services, our trained team of executives takes it as a personal challenge for the well being of the patients coming to treat mental and substance use disorders. They also support those experiencing the problem or are in the recovery stage from these conditions.

Behavioural Health Care At NM FAMILY SERVICES

At NM Family Services, we provide a full bouquet of behavioural health services for emotional, behavioural and developmental disorders. Our treatment includes (but not limited to)  a wide range of psychological assessments and treatment options for adults, children and adolescents. Our interdisciplinary team of medical specialists adopts an integrated approach that covers specialized treatment in the following areas.

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