We have a well-conceived and comprehensive program to deliver a full range of services to patients diagnosed with severe disabling mental illnesses. We have devised an in community care methodology, allowing the patients to lead an everyday life.
A trained team of Psychiatrists, Nurses, Therapists from NM Family Services work together and provide the necessary care and services in the patient’s home, providing customized care based on individual needs. Our services never stop as we operate 24X7X 365 to enhance the complete well being of our patients.

Services Covered under Assertive Community Treatment

  • Comprehensive assessments of patients and a follow-ups schedule in detail
  • Psychiatric care & coordination of associated relevant  health services
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Mental health care
  • Intensive cases
  • Medication routine monitoring
  • Skills training for activities about daily living
  • Central Coordination of community resources
  • Devising and  development of social support systems
  • 24-hour hotline

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