Health Promotion Coordinator (HPC)

NMFS Health Promotion Coordinator has experience in human and health curricula development and delivery. The HPC manages health promotion and risk prevention services and resources appropriate for the Medicaid population. Typical programs include:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and early intervention;
  • STD prevention and early intervention;
  • Family planning and pregnancy support;
  • Chronic disease management;
  • Nutritional counseling;
  • Obesity reduction and prevention;
  • Healthy weight management;
  • Increasing physical activity, and improving social networks;
  • Identifies gaps in disease management;
  • Substance use prevention and cessation;
  • Psychotropic medication management/compliance;
  • Underlying Medical Conditions such as Diabetes, Pulmonary, Hypertensive care, etc.; and
  • Developing Healthy Boundaries.

Programs are developed based on the prevalent conditions and comorbidities of the regional population. Health Promotion Coordinator also explores and manages relationships with external providers, such as, but not limited to, the Department of Health and the MCOs for additional referral opportunities not available in the Medicaid member plan.

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