Individual and Family Support

NMFS Individual and Family Support Services reduce barriers to Medicaid members’ care coordination, increase skills and engagement, and improve health outcomes. Services also increases health and medication literacy, enhances one’s ability to self-manage care, promotes peer and family involvement and support, improves access to education and employment supports, and supports recovery and resiliency. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying resources for individuals to support them in attaining their highest level of health and functionality within their families and in their community;
  • Enhancing the abilities of members and their support systems to manage care and live safely in the community;
  • Supporting families in their knowledge of a member’s disease and possible potential medication side effects;
  • Teaching members and families self-advocacy skills and how to navigate systems;
  • Assessing impacts of a member’s behaviors on families, and assisting in obtaining respite services as needed.;
  • Assisting members in accessing self-help activities and services;
  • Arranging for transportation to medically-necessary services;
  • Assisting members in obtaining and adhering to medication schedules and other prescribed treatments;
  • Supporting members and their families in recovery and resiliency goals; and
  • Providing peer support services.

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