About NMFS?

New Mexico Family Services (NMFS) was founded in 2013 and is a private non-profit organization licensed by the state of New Mexico.

NMFS utilizes an interdisciplinary team integrated approach, that is certified, billable, and authorized to provide billable services for acute and chronic care, psychological testing, family medical, substance abuse, individual therapy, social, and placement services for children and adults. integrated wrap-around care team.

NMFS utilizes an onsite, serving populations with acute and chronic care, crises, and other problems.

NMFS collaborates with outside resources/referrals as needed. 


Our purpose is to empower patients in a safe environment, to acquire the necessary skills and treatment to live a bright, stable life-style.


The mission of NM Family Services is to promote self-management of care choices throught a supportive learning environment.


Assist familiies to promote acute and long-term health. Prevent risk behaviors. Enhance member engagement and self-efficacy. Improve quality of life for individuals with SMI/SED; Reduce avoidable utilization of emergency department, inpatient, and residential services.

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